Myra Deavel

Program Director

Myra Deavel has served youth and families for 30 plus years. Myra has worked with kids in many fields, as a teacher, therapist, social worker and strategic planning the list goes on. Working with youth and families has always been a passion. She is excited to continue her work with Friends of the Children in their effort to create bright futures and break the chain of generational trauma. She understands the impact trauma has on children and families. Working to identify and understand the barriers that children and families face to ensure that every child has a bright future and can reach their full potential.

Myra has a Psy. Ma from Pepperdine University and a BA degree from California State University Long Beach. Myra lives in Billings with her fur baby Luna. She enjoys hiking, coaching cross country, reading and spoiling her grandson and children.

There is a tribe in Africa called Masai whose traditional greeting to each other is "Casserian Engeri"- It means, "And how are the children?" They do not ask about each other, but rather they ask about the next generation.

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